Social media promotion has turned out to be a major opportunity for modern businesses. Recognizing the significance of this aspect 24hoursviews started as a social marketing platform, which promotes Youtube, Tiktok & Instagram videos, & posts at a lower cost. It helps social platforms to increase subscribers and more views for videos. Even, the channel owners can get more responses to their individual accounts. Users can order service upon paying for it to start a campaign for them. They can also add or withdraw money to their account Via Stripe, Visa, or MasterCard.

We followed nothing less than the state-of-the-art technologies for this project. The technologies we used for the project are of the finest grade and highest functionality.

The Features Included:

  • API: Youtube, Stripe
  • Automated server deployment: PHP, MySQL, Digital Ocean
  • Management Tools: Git, Bitbucket, Trello, Skype
  • Back End: Composer, Codeigniter (HMVC), My SQL, API Routes,
  • Front End: JavaScript, UI/UX design, Jquery, Ajax, Postman for API testings, Bootstrap, YT Player


Our client demanded a social marketing system that would promote them on various popular social media – like Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram. The idea was to create a “win-win situation”, in which a user adds a choice service and pays for that, and on the other side, another user earns from that by reacting to the service. We recognized this demand seriously and provided a complete solution for it.

We simplified the registration & login processes for the users. A graphical dashboard with all details also allows knowing about the objectives. To summarize, we did our best to make the overall process simple, minimal, and user-friendly.

Challenges we faced:

  • Getting access and refresh tokens from the google accounts was very crucial
  • There were some critical issues when we used YT player for tracking youtube video history and reaction multiple times on a page.
  • People who do not have a Youtube Channel can’t access comments in youtube videos.
  • Payment gateway integration for secure transactions.
  • Money refund to perspective accounts of the user.
  • Super Admin to login Admin or other User Accounts what the client requires.


  • First of all, we followed Youtube API documentation, then we requested the correct end-point with exact credentials. In this way, we have solved youtube API integration.
  • Ensured secure and reliable payment method via Stripe API integration.
  • Followed Yt player documentation.
  • People who have no channel on youtube, we notified them that without a channel they can’t comment.
  • Built a login system using ajax and session.

Throughout the process, we discussed with our team members and used various documentation, Stackoverflow,, Google, Youtube for overcoming various problems.

Software Architecture we Followed:

  • Client-server architecture
  • Frontend HTML, CSS, ajax
  • PHP server with Codeigniter Framework

24hoursviews was indeed a large project for us. Thanks to the team, we dealt well enough with the challenge and identified the most feasible solution. We’ve maintained regular communication with our clients and taken their feedback seriously, which helped us to achieve the goal. We have to say, it was a great experience to work on such a great project and to develop such a smart solution.


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