“At Risk Analysis” is a part of the Community Management application. It is used for showing the community properties in a map through the use of multiple visual modes, such as cluster mode and points mode.

The properties are categorized in four different programs and they are colorized distinctly.


  • Backend Technologies: PHP 7.4, MySQL
  • Frontend Technologies: VueJS with Webpack CLI
  • Frameworks: Laravel 8, VueJS, Vuex
  • Server-Side Technologies: Laravel Vapor, AWS, Redis, Amazon SQS
  • API: MapboxGL, Sharepoint
  • Management Tools: Github, Trello, Asana


The goal of this application was mainly to deliver lightweight access to our partners and clients, to the community data from Community Management projects.

Actually, community management is the core project that handles all the settings and community information that would be irrelevant to the audience. So, our client wanted to build a lightweight application that would show only the properties on an interactive map.


  • Plot the points on the map
  • Cluster the properties based on different programs


  • We plot the points by transforming properties coordinates to GeoJSON. To cluster the points, we added their program data to properties to GeoJSON.

The successful completion of the “At Risk Analysis” project added another feather to our crown. We had a great time working on this project, especially because the client was quite smart and co-operative. While doing this project, we had to do a lot of hard work. Thanks to our integrated effort, we completed the project successfully, well within the timeline.


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