Galileo is an HR management project for SAAS-based companies. The company mainly has four different authorization roles. These are Superadmin, Admin, HR manager, User.

A company can get registered in the “Galileo Platform” under a number of different membership plannings. If the company has already been registered to the platform, then it can recruit the employees under different assessment tests. The assessment test would be done by Hogan API.

Companies can communicate with Galileo Admin or SuperAdmin for help through the ticketing system. For helping the clients, ‘Galileo Admin/Superadmin’ can access the client dashboard through OTP code from the client.

The companies themselves will have some role permission like Admin, Team, and others. They can upload single or multiple files using Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, AWS S3, Local Computer. The Galileo system also supports multiple languages. Superadmin can add or edit new languages as per req

Applied Technologies:

  • API: Hogan, PayPal, Stripe, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, AWS S3, Zoom API
  • Automated server deployment: PHP, MySQL, Digital Ocean
  • Management Tools: Git, Bitbucket, Trello, Slack, Skype, Agile methodology.
  • Back End: Composer, Laravel (MVC), My SQL, Migration Structure, API Routes
  • Front End: JavaScript, UI/UX design, Vue Js, Vuesax, Lodash, Vuex, Postman for API testings, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS


Our client wanted a SASS-based HR solution. It was quite a challenge to finish such a project within the limited time-frame we had. Thanks to our expert and dedicated team members, we could finish the project well within the timeline given. However, when the client expressed his satisfaction with our work, all our efforts became successful!


  • Hogan API Integration: We have faced some problems when we wanted to integrate Hogan API. Getting access and refreshing the token was very much crucial.
  • One Drive API integration: Integrating OneDrive API with our system was a challenging task as the redirect url does not match properly. Also we faced some problems due to the lack of proper documents.
  • Paypal Recurring payment: In this project, we had to use 3 payment systems with a monthly subscription.
  • Multiple Authentication: Superadmin should be able to login into admin or other user accounts using OTP. We had some tough times matching this client requirement.


  • Hogan API Integration: Firstly, we followed hogan API documentation, then we requested the correct endpoint with exact credentials. In this way, we solved hogan api integration.
  • One Drive API integration: We created our local server as a live server with ngrok, then redirect URL worked properly.
  • Paypal Recurring payment: Used Stripe, PayPal & FattureInCloud. Each of these three was used for subscription.
  • Multiple logins: Using Passport’s OAuth token stored in a local store.

We discussed with our team members and used Stackoverflow, Google, Youtube for overcoming various problems.

Software Architect:

  • Client-server architecture
  • Frontend (browser SPA written in VueJS)
  • The backend is the server (provides REST services written in Laravel Framework)
  • The back office is completely isolated (separate frontend, separate backend)
  • SaaS Solution – multiple organizations in the same application cluster


Galileo was one of the largest SASS projects we have ever worked on. Though it was a difficult task, we worked effectively enough to finish it smoothly. The best thing about this project was that our client was very helpful as well. Our effective communication contributed directly to the successful completion of this project. Along with all functionalities, Galileo was a smooth experience for our client. We have to say, working with them has been a pleasing experience for us.



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