Scorecard is a Digital Marketing management system, that shows an overview of the clients’ projects and current status. It also allows detailed reports with analytics. These reports give an overview and market improvement for each client and each marketing platform. Potentially it reduces the hassle of managing a huge client base for digital marketers.

In this application client means Scorecard. Actually, each scorecard is an individual client. Scorecard has two authorization roles (i.e. Admin and User). So user’s access is protected with passwords. You can also add Scorecard (i.e. clients) as much as you want.

Again integration with different marketing platforms like MOZ, Google Adwords, Unamo(SEO and Social Media analytical tools for online marketing professionals), CallRail(Call Tracking System) enables the marketers to get all updates in a single place. Thus, it makes the whole process easy & simple.

Applied Technologies:

  • Web stack: Laravel, PHP, MySQL, Jquery, Vue, Ajax
  • API: Google Adwords, Google Analytics, CallRail, Unamo, Mozscape
  • Automated server deployment: N/A, We just maintain a stage server for the client’s testing purposes.
  • Testing server details: URL. Username: admin, Password: password
  • Management Tools: Github, Slack, Agile methodology.
  • Back End: Laravel, PHP
  • Database: MySQL
  • Front End: HTML, CSS, Jquery, Vue, Ajax


Our client wanted to extract the performance of marketing for different platforms and different clients in a single dashboard. We have given him a complete solution with a simple and effective design.


  • To organize the whole thing in a single platform or dashboard
  • Extract multiple data in the form of reports from digital marketing tools=
  • Allowing multiple users in the management system
  • Adding vast numbers of clients on the dashboard in an organized way
  • To make it secure via password & other security protocols


  • API integration for digital marketing tools to import reports
  • Descriptive & visual reports for clients
  • Authentication via a secure login system
  • Made it flexible to add multiple users’

Software Architect:

  • Frontend (Laravel blade)
  • Backend (Laravel)

To sum up, Scoreboard is a complete management system for digital marketers. It is a one-hand solution to manage clients. Rest apart, a detailed reporting system with all the necessary data customers want is a big release for digital marketing. We are really happy to make something very effective and useful.


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