WooStudy is an Educational Networking platform in which you can register yourself and apply for studying abroad, without the involvement of any third person. Also, it allows students to get connected with each other based on mutual interests. Using WooStudy, educational institutions offer different programs or disciplines to the students. Thus, the student can find out his or her desired programs offered by those institutions. Upon enrollment to a program under an institute, the student and the institute can chat with each other.

Thanks to the skilled and dedicated team, Mediusware Ltd. has successfully delivered some advanced features for WooStudy.

The features include:

  • A Complete SPA (Single Page Application)
  • Course Onboarding by location wise (Country/ Region/ City etc)
  • A free chatbot for every institute
  • Realtime chat application
  • Activity Timeline
  • Subscriptions
  • Payments Gateway and many more

Just like we always apply the latest and proven technologies for any project we go for, we did the same for WooStudy too. The finest grade technologies that we have applied for the project include:

Applied Technologies:

  • API: Stripe, Geolocation, Google Map, GoogleDrive, DropBox
  • Server Side Details: PHP 7.4 ,MySql,MongoDB,Ubuntu\
  • Frontend Technologies: Vue JS with Webpack CLI
  • Framework: Laravel 8, Vue JS, Vuex, WebSocket
  • Management Tools: Bitbucket, Skype, Agile methodology

History of the project:

The demand of our partner was mainly to have an advanced system where educational institutes & students can be connected based on certain conditions and prerequisites. As we always try to understand the core needs of our clients, we figured out that they are looking for a solution to something very innovative. We maximized our dedication to the project when we understood that it might just change the shape of education methods. It can highly facilitate the students who want to achieve higher degrees abroad.

To go with the project, we developed a platform where both the students & institutions can share their required information. It essentially takes less time and students can choose their desired institution. On the contrary, the enrollment process for universities or educational institutions would be faster and easier. Potentially, it reduces the dependency on agencies to enroll in a foreign university.

Challenges We Faced:

  • Introducing a secure & simplified registration process
  • Program onboarding based on course and prerequisites
  • Location-based onboarding
  • Sending an automatic invitation to students and institutes
  • Lead calculation & subscription modules for institutes
  • API Integration for different services
  • Real-time notifications
  • Adding brunches under an institution or university

How We Overcome Our Challenges:

  • We made the signup procedure easier than ever.
  • We enabled user login via Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.
  • Onboarding being a massive part of this project, we conducted frequent software testing..
  • Lead calculation was a very sensitive issue in this project because it is related to transactions. We integrated Stripe to make the payment secured.
  • For Real-Time Notification we implemented WebSocket.
  • Location based onboarding takes us a full day to rethink the situation twice. We have ensured it to be faster, via Geolocation & Google map API integration.

To summarize, we dedicated ourselves to the fullest to helping WooStudy become one of the best global Edtech platforms. Providing Real-time chat, easy sign-up, massive information, and a lot of other features, we contributed to the efficiency of the company. Indeed, it has been a great experience to work with such a client who contributes so much to society.


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